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Problem: Two international corporations wanted to cut expenses by using “best practices” to integrate technology into their proxy processes.


Action: A Rhoda Anderson Associates’ consultant analyzed the company’s proxy and corporate operations processes, evaluated vendors, and recommended an integrated plan to streamline and apply appropriate technology to the proxy process.


Results: One company reduced its proxy statement and annual report printing run by 40% and cut postage costs.  The other company realized expense savings of $500,000 in first year of program. Both corporations also prevented shareholder complaints about redundant mailings.

Rhoda Anderson Associates can meet many needs for your organization. Following are just some of the areas in which we can deliver results for you:

Corporate Secretary Function:

Benchmark studies or surveys

Establish appropriate staffing recommendations

Screen/select staff members for a start-up or relocated department

Provide specialized training in selected areas (Section 16 "Insider Trading," Proxy Statement, etc.)

Provide day-to-day support during absence of key personnel through vacations, illness, relocations, etc.

Evaluate existing organization/processes and recommend revisions to improve effectiveness

Annual Meeting/Proxy Process:

Assist with site selection of annual meeting

Develop meeting planning calendar and schedule of events (including security, audio/visual, meeting agenda, script, etc.)

Assist with preparation and/or review drafts of Proxy Statements

Provide strategic input in dealing with Shareholder proponents and Governance issues raised

Provide knowledgeable independent Inspectors of Election for meetings

Use of Technology for Proxy Process:

See Paperless Proxy Process Service

OnlineProxy Service

Other Services:

  • Vendor Selection - develop RFP requirements, select bidders and evaluate bids from Transfer Agents, Tabulators, Solicitors and Financial Printers. Can assess your needs to use third party vendors for specific projects and evaluate their programs for you.
  • Public Speaking - available for small and large meetings on all topics related to Annual Meeting and Proxy processes. (See Record of Speaking Engagements)

  • Financial Printing Contracts Management - The financial printing industry specializes in printing SEC related documents with the unique time pressures companies often require. We can save your company money during the printing process. We can provide you with helpful recommendations to streamline the vendor selection process, build accountability into the contract and review the final bills.

  • Facilitate Industry Roundtables and Group Meetings - facilitate group meetings effectively, bringing all parties to meaningful contributions and tangible results. We can help your team or organization solve problems and work together. Particularly able to negotiate with disputing parties.
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