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-- Did you hear about the corporation that reduced its proxy printing and mailing by 40%?

-- How about the company that's already prepared to meet the proposed disclosure guidelines for its corporate code of ethics?

Both of those corporations are clients of Rhoda Anderson Associates. 

Turn to Rhoda Anderson Associates to solve it.  Call 609 371-5631 or contact us here.

Did you see this?
"How to surf a proxy statement" article in Investor Relations magazine --
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The experienced, effective consultants of Rhoda Anderson Associates solve corporate operations problems for public companies.  Like the relief pitcher called in to hold on to a lead or get the team out of a jam, a Rhoda Anderson Associates’ consultant focuses on the problem and concentrates on solving it quickly and cost-efficiently.


Rhoda Anderson Associates specializes in solving corporate problems in:
Electronic Delivery -- Paperless Proxy -- Internet & Phone Voting -- Compliance Review -- Householding -- Technology Selection -- Corporate Secretary Staff Development and Temporary Staffing

What's the corporate operations problem you need to solve? 



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