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Electronic availability = $ savings

To realize savings in your proxy process you must have your Proxy Statement and Annual Report available on the Internet at the same time you release the paper copies to shareowners.

OnlineProxy offers the turn-key solution which is quick, easy, and affordable.

When your materials are on the Internet you get the maximum savings available from the electronic voting programs offered by:
  • ADP-ICS for beneficial shareowners.
  • Your supplier for registered shareowners.
  • Employee distribution by e-mail, intranet or internet.
What we do:
  • Electronically publish your Annual Report and Proxy Statement, link to voting sites and deliver an active web site in as little as 3 days from receiving final materials. Go to www.OnlineProxy.com
  • Give you an opportunity to review and sign off on final product in a password protected area
Your shareowners get an appealing formatted document that will make them want to continue to ask for electronic availability. Don’t miss your opportunity this year for savings! Contact us to find out just how simple it is.

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