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History of Success

Speaking Engagements

Rhoda Anderson

Speaking Engagements

Speaker: ICS Cost Saving Solutions for the Upcoming Proxy Season
February 8, 2000, Webcast and Conference Call (www.vcall.com)
Subject: Effective Use of the Internet for Proxy Distribution
Speaker: ASCS Essentials of the Corporate Secretarial Function
  January 28, 2000, New Orleans, LA
Subject: Proxy Solicitation- Cost Saving Ideas Using the Internet
Speaker: NIRI Philadelphia Chapter
  January 28, 2000, Webcast and Conference Call (www.vcall.com)
Subject: Planning Your Next Annual Shareholder's Meeting From Electronic Proxy Voting to Hosting an Online Meeting
Panel Moderator & Speaker: IRRC's governance2000.com
  January 20, 2000, New York, NY
Subject: How has and will the internet help us?
Speaker: ADP 6th Annual Constituents Conference
  October 28 & 29, 1999, Boston, MA
  Subject: Understanding Player's Perspectives
Speaker: STA Annual Conference
  October 23, 1999, Naples, FL
  Subject: Proxy Voting in the New Millennium
Speaker: Chicago Chapter ASCS Monthly Meeting
  October 20, 1999, Chicago, IL
  Subject: Issuers Issues with the Internet
Speaker: NE ASCS Fall Conference
  October 16, 1999, Newport, RI
  Subject: Technologies that will save you money
Speaker: NESTA 24th Annual Conference
  September 27, 1999, Woodstock, NY
  Subject: Use of the Internet
Speaker: Registrar and Transfer Company and Commerce Financial Printers
  6th Annual Industry Seminar
  September 24, 1999, Newark, NJ
  Subject: Managing Investor Relations
Panel Moderator: ASCS 53rd National Conference
  June 24, 1999, The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, WV
  "Nuts and Bolts" Breakout Session
  Subject: Evaluating New Transfer Agent Services
Speaker: CTA/WSTA Joint National Conference
  June 4, 1999, Palm Beach, FL
  Subject: Electronic Availability
Speaker: NY Chapter ASCS Monthly Meeting
  March 18, 1999, New York, NY
  Subject: Annual Meetings- Electronic Voting & Document Delivery Issues
Panel Moderator and Speaker: ASCS Essentials Seminar
  January 28, 1999, Beverly Hills, CA
  Subject: Proxy Solicitation
  Subject: Corporate Administration and Policy
Speaker: CTA Special Proxy Planning Meeting
  January 21, 1999, New York, NY
  Subject: Stockholder Relations via the Internet
Speaker: Experts on the Line, ASCS National Teleconference
  December 1, 1998, Originating in New York, NY
  Subject: Electronic Proxy Voting
Speaker: ADP 5th Annual Constituents Conference
  October 29 & 30, 1998, Baltimore, MD
  Subject: Spotlight on the Proxy Process
Chair of the Investor Responsibility Research Center Annual Conference
  October 25-27, 1998, Washington, DC
  Host Gala Dinner
  Introduce Governor Mario Cuomo
Panel Moderator: NE ASCS Fall Conference
  October 10, 1998, Lake George, NY
  Subject: Proxy Voting in an Electronic Age
Panel Moderator: Mid-Atlantic ASCS Fall Conference
  September 26, 1998, Hot Springs, VA
  Subject: Applied Technology for the Proxy Process
Panel Moderator and Speaker: ASCS 52nd National Conference
  June 25, 1998, San Diego, CA
  "Nuts and Bolts" Breakout Session
  Subject: Cost Effective Communication Ideas
Panel Moderator and Speaker: ASCS Essentials Seminar
  January 23, 1998, Phoenix, AZ
  Subject: Shareholder Meetings
  Subject: Proxy Solicitation
Chair of the Investor Responsibility Research Center's
  25th Anniversary Conference
  October 26-28, 1997, Washington, DC
  Subject: Investor Responsibility in the Global Era
Speaker: Mid-Atlantic ASCS Fall Conference
  October 3, 1997, Asheville, NC
  Subject: Educating the Issuer: Current & Future Issues
  In the Proxy Voting Process
Speaker: ADP 4th Annual Constituents Conference
  October 7 & 8, 1997, Scottsdale, AZ
  Subject: Pieces of the Proxy Puzzle
Participant: ASCS Proxy Process Forum
  June 20, 1997, New York, NY
  Subject: Focus on the Proxy Process
Pre- 1997
Numerous engagements on many different subjects at company and industry level within the corporate world
Numerous presentations of personal research papers to Regional and National Conferences within the academic world

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