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History of Success


Shareholder Service Optimizer, December 2001
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Subject: Will the Current Expense Crunch -- or a Surge in Stakeholder Demand -- or Simple Peer Pressure -- Increase E-Delivery of Proxies and Annual Reports 
(Rhoda Anderson served as Co-Editor of Shareholder Service Optimizer -- Supplement on Communicating with Stakeholders Cost Effectively)

New York Law Journal
Subject: All Parties Benefit by Using Technology in the Proxy Process, Volume 222, No. 74, October 14, 1999

ADPLink - A Shareholder Communication Bulletin
Subject: Putting Your Material on the Internet: PDF VS HTML, Vol. 2, No. 1, October 1999

Public Company Advocate
Subject: Cost Savings by Design, Aug/Sept 1998
Paperless Proxy Process, Nov 1998
Proxy Material on the Web, Dec 1998

American Society of Corporate Secretaries
White Paper: Technology Applied for Proxy Process 2001;
Proxy Process III,
Preliminary Report, December 1, 1998
HTML VS PDF, December 1, 1998

News Coverage

Investor Relations Magazine
, Issue 118, June 2002
Subject: How to surf a proxy statement
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Securities & Commodities Regulation, Volume 32, No. 5, March 10, 1999
Subject: The Use of Electronic Media in Proxy Solicitations and the "Electronic" Shareholders Meeting

Wall Street Lawyer.com, November 1998
Subject: Electronic Communication in the Proxy Solicitation Process

The Shareholder Service Optimizer, Volume 4, Number 6, July/August, 1998
Subject: People

Wall Street Lawyer.com, Vol. 11 Number 10, March 1998
Subject: ADP Brings Proxy Voting Into Cyberspace

The Wall Street Journal, Vol. VII, Number 213, November 1, 1995, New York, NY
Subject: Issuers Ask Big Board to Revisit Rule on Proxy Fees

The Houston Post, April 21, 1995, Houston, TX
Subject: Shareholders Hold Stage in Spring

Courier News, April 4, 1995, Houston, TX
Subject: The Rites of Spring - Annual Meetings show stockholders who runs firm.

AT&T News, Number 1, May 1994
Subject: The Human Factor: Who Goes to Annual Meetings?

The Atlanta Journal/The Atlanta Constitution, April 21, 1994, Atlanta, GA
Subject: AT&T's Stock Surges on News of Big Profit

USA Today, July 3, 1986
Subject: Interview with USA Today: Strike Duty

USA Today, June 9, 1986
Subject: Strike Tests Union Ability to Talk Tough

Corporate Travel, May, 1986
Subject: Controlling Travel Expenses

San Francisco Examiner, Feb 16, 1986
Subject: Lightening Business Budgets For Travel

Travel Weekly, The National Newspaper of the Travel Industry, Jan. 23, 1986
Subject: AT&T Sees Savings of $50 Million From Consolidation Plan

The Wall Street Journal, Nov. 13, 1985
Subject: Company-Wide Travel Policy Will Save $50 Million a Year

AT&T Journal, Oct. 28, 1985
Subject: Bringing Travel Expenses Back Down to Earth

AT&T Communications HQ, June 3, 1985
Subject: Employee Business Expense Management Study Travel Policies, Travel Planning, Cash Advances, Corporate Charge Cards, Cashier Services, Payment Methods

Northwestern Bell's Weekly, Nov. 24, 1980
Subject: Pre-authorized Payment Method

Northwestern Bell's Monthly Management Bulletin, March, 1979
Subject: Coin Refund Drafts - Innovative approach for Handling Refunds from Pay Telephones

Pre- 1979
Numerous publications of team projects
Numerous publications of own research in academic journals

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