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History of Success

Rhoda Anderson

Reprinted with permission from:
The Shareholder Service Optimizer
Volume 4, Number 6, July/August 1998
Carl T. Hagberg & Associates
PO Box 531, Jackson, NJ 08527-0531

RHODA ANDERSON, formerly Assistant Secretary at LUCENT TECHNOLOGIES, has left to form her own consulting company, RHODA ANDERSON ASSOCIATES, Morris Township, New Jersey. It's focused on helping companies reduce the costs surrounding the Annual Meeting and proxy voting processes through smart planning, careful selection of vendors and materials and through better use of technology. Rhoda was a member of the original NYSE sponsored task force that first drew attention to the high cost of street-name proxy processing. At LUCENT, she was one of the most successful pioneers of telephone voting and she's been through two of the largest corporate spinoffs ever, so she knows whereof she speaks.
Full Biography

Rhoda Anderson is the Founder and President of Rhoda Anderson Associates, an advisory firm, offering innovative solutions for corporate operational problems. In addition to offering her own unique product line of advisory services, she has been an advisor for designing a company's shareowner relations and shareowner services department, for the ADP Steering Committee and an Inspector of Election for a special meeting.

    Rhoda entered the business world with Northwestern Bell Telephone Company where she worked in customer attitude research, advertising, banking relations and financial operations. While on rotation to AT&T, divestiture occurred and she chose to remain with AT&T in New York. Her work was primarily in the finance part of the business until she was selected to head up the Shareowner Relations Department in 1987. During her tenure, AT&T reached continuous record level voting.

    Rhoda was promoted to Director, Corporate Secretary's Department and Assistant Secretary when Lucent Technologies was divested from AT&T. Lucent has a shareowner base of 3+million. Her responsibilities included Proxy, Shareowner Relations, Annual Meeting, Corporate Governance, International and Domestic Subsidiary Corporate Governance Management, Board of Directors support, and Corporate-wide Records Management. During her tenure, Lucent became the first company with more than 50,000 shareowners to offer telephone voting with 27% success in the first year.

    Rhoda graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts degree from the University of Nebraska where she also became an assistant professor. Many of her research projects were published in academic journals and presented at national conferences.

    Rhoda has served on numerous boards of directors, as an officer in trade associations and on NYSE Committees. She is past Chair of the ADP Steering Committee and Corporate Issuer Group and currently serves as their facilitator. She is currently the Board of Directors Chair for the IRRC.

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